Who Are We?

The evening after my husband and I celebrated our youngest daughter’s graduation from high school we held our breath and booked flights. Two weeks later we took our first European selfie on the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome. We had been looking into travelling to Italy for awhile and had a couple of accommodations tentatively booked but other than that, we knew nothing about planning a trip. We just knew we had to stop waiting for “some day” to come.

Ponte Sant’Angelo

We spent 20 years happily raising our daughters. We took a few family vacations to Disney but mostly spent our free time visiting family or camping in our tent.  Yes, we actually camp in a tent and sleep on the ground. It’s something we still enjoy doing although we did break down and buy an air mattress a few years ago. My arthritic joints don’t do well on the ground anymore. My husband and I had never flown together, just the two of us, until we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to San Francisco. It was standing in a vineyard in Sonoma that our dream of one day travelling to Italy was born. More on that trip another day.

Both of us were born at the end of the baby boom but have never really seen ourselves as being part of that generation. Maybe we are though because what we both learned from our parents was to work hard and save, so we did. We’ve spent our lives saving. We don’t regret spending our vacations as a family, not for a minute. We have never felt that we needed time alone to build our relationship. Surviving working full time and raising children together took care of that. We celebrated our alone time as we dropped exhausted after our toddlers finally fell asleep. It’s been a great adventure so far. But now that we are the proud parents of amazing young adults we are ready to take time for ourselves.

So that brings us to today and why we started this blog. We have read great blogs on how to travel on a budget and have seen many beautiful pictures of happy young couples in exotic locations but that’s not us. Not that we’re not happy but we are a little older. We’ve seen travel blogs for seniors but we don’t think of ourselves that way either. We have found that some people our age think you need someone to plan and book a trip for you. They’re afraid to take a risk. We have made some mistakes along the way but we are getting better at this whole travel thing and we’d like to share our experiences in the hopes that others may benefit from our mistakes. We save money where we can but splurge when it’s worth it. 

So that’s it. Hopefully we make this work and keep posting. And hopefully a few people will follow us on our journeys. In the meantime… ciao!